A Little Lift: The Gift of Shared Comfort for a Snail-Mail Saturday

The other day, I received this darling card from a friend. The little yellow house is sailing through the cloud-cluttered sky thanks to the mountain of  colorful balloons. Who wouldn’t have their spirits lifted by a card like that? But what makes me smile even more is on the inside…

This particular friend knew about a recent, potentially challenging event in my life – something that she herself has experienced. Because of sharing this reality, she was ready with empathy and encouragement for me. What were her words? Here is a portion of the verse that she shared with me: 

“…steadfast love surrounds the one who trusts in the Lord.” (Psalm 32:10, ESV)

Ah, Isn’t there something especially special about knowing that (even in a small way) someone understands what you’re going through? Doesn’t it often seem like someone who has been through whatever you’re facing is best equipped to help you? 

Maybe one of the reasons God gives us the tough stuff in our lives is so we will be equipped to comfort others. Like 2 Corinthians 1 says, as we go through hard times, God  comforts us (like through that verse!) so that we can offer that same gift to others. I find it soul strengthening to know that God has a redemptive plan that goes beyond ourselves. While suffering can draw us closer to Him, He can also use it to help us draw others to Him. It takes a great God to do something like that. 

I’m thankful for this sister in Christ who acted out that truth for me this week. What about you? When was a time a friend spread a little knowing comfort over you? Or on whom could you lavish a little of the comfort you’ve been given? If you’re the crafty type like my friend, you may even be able to make a sure-to-bring-a-smile card to pop in the mailbox. Whether we make this a Snail-Mail Saturday or write a text, make a call, or stop by to give a heart-to-heart hug, let’s keep our eyes open for opportunities to share the comfort we’ve been given and to give others a lift. Maybe you feel that all the comfort you can give is one balloon’s worth of boost. Never mind. After all, most people probably don’t really want their houses to take off…But you never know! You might end up giving someone a boost into a fanciful adventure that sweeps you right along, too, up, up and away! I think I saw a movie kind of like that once…

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